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Outdoor Augmented Reality Trail

Blaze is an Augmented Reality trail created through the Leicester Heritage Action Zone.  The Colour Foundry researched and collected a series of photographs from Granby Street, which document the architectural features, interest points and visual motifs of the buildings with heritage status.  


Using this source material,  8 architectural characters were then selected for further development.  These characters form the basis of both the printed artwork, and the augmented reality content.

The finished artworks were displayed in a series of street interventions throughout Granby Street, as part of the Spark Festival for Children.  Audiences were invited to search out the playfully placed works, and look up to see the matching architectural features of the High Street Heritage Action Zone.

 Commissioned by:

Phoenix Leicester

Leicester Heritage Action Zone

National Lottery

It inhabited:

Granby Street Leicester

for The Spark Festival

Photo documentation by:

The Colour Foundry

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