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Chromatic Woodland

Immersive Environment

Chromatic Woodland is a unique digital habitat, bursting with colour and life.  It contemplates our connectedness to the natural world whilst celebrating the joy and jaw dropping awesomeness of the planet we call home.


Significant scientific research concludes that getting close to nature improves our mental and emotional health, happiness and wellbeing.  Yet as a species, we continue to damage the fragile ecosystems which support the diverse flora and fauna here in the U.K.  Over the past 200 years, the planets biodiversity and carbon balance has been radically disrupted by human activity.   The trends for the UK’s woods and trees are concerning. The UK’s woodland cover has more than doubled in the last 100 years, but much of this is non-native trees.


Existing native woodlands are isolated, in poor ecological condition and there has been a decline in woodland wildlife.  Chromatic Woodland seeks to highlight these issues whilst celebrating the beauty and wonder of the world.  

The Process

Through a series of family workshops, the people of Barnsley co-collaborated with the Colour Foundry, to develop nature inspired characters, and an accompanying audio soundtrack.  Through paper-based drawing, collaging, digital drawing and animation, the group went through a process of character development, realising the fantastical creatures which inhabit the Chromatic Woodland.

The Work

Chromatic Woodland is an immersive projection environment with surround sound.  The audience are invited to submerge themselves into the captivating world of the many creatures and characters that inhabit it.  These characters are also brought to life through interactive, augmented reality artworks, which when viewed through a phone, burst into life with movement and sound.

Chromatic Woodlnd Guru

Chromatic Woodland was commissioned by:

Barnsley Museum

It inhabited:

Barnsley Museum Digital Space

With thanks to:

All the families who took part

Photo documentation by;

Tim Cleasby

The Colour Foundry

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