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Dawn Chorus

Outdoor Pico Projections

What does nature mean to people during these unparalleled times?


Dawn Chorus looks at how we might seek comfort in the most basic of interactions with nature: a glimpse of a blue sky, or the fleeting song of a passing blackbird.  At a time when our native birds face a very real threat from climate change, intensive farming and pollution, Dawn Chorus celebrates our connection to them, their song, and what it represents to us as humans.

Dawn Chorus uses a variety of digital creation techniques. It was created deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest during Covid-19 isolation, and brought the collaborating artists together in a remote digital exchange, in a process of play and experimentation.  All characters were projected live in their environments, no post production, with accompanying audio soundscapes captured in the woodland.

Commissioned by:

First Art

It Inhabited:

On-line spaces during Covid-19 Isolation

Remote Access Festival

Photo documentation by:

The Colour Foundry

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