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Luminous Yarns

Outdoor Projection Trail

The Magic Lanterns - Luminous Yarns are an enchanting exploration of Chester's unique Rows.

Chester Rows are a set of structures in each of the four main streets of Chester, UK, consisting of a series of covered walkways, with entrances to shops and buildings. 

They date from medieval era and are built from beautiful black and white timbers.

The colour Foundry were invited to view collections of artefacts at The Grosvenor Museum, relating to a number of stories through history, which chronicle the Rows.

In a series of schools workshops, music was created to accompany each story, along with  a digital animation.

These animation created a trail of beautiful mini projections, hidden in the historic nooks and crannies of the rows, each depicting a fascinating Chester story.

 Commissioned by:


National Lottery Heritage Fund

Arts Council England

Historic England

In Association with:

The Hamilton Project

It inhabited:

The Rows, Chester

Photo documentation by:

Tim Cleasby

The Colour Foundry

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