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Nocturnal Fauna

Outdoor Mini Projection Trail

Nocturnal Fauna is a trail of eight beautiful and intriguing mini-projections hidden in the nooks and crannies of Macclesfield town centre.


Families were invited to discover the secret, Magic Lantern projections, and watch as a host of enchanting dancing animals play in their magical winter habitats.  


Audiences could listen to a specially-composed soundtrack composed especially for each character.  The music was accessed via QR codes, triggered on the back of the magic lanterns.

Nocturnal Fauna was designed as a town centre trail, easing families back into public spaces, following covid lock-downs.  It was programmed as part of Macclesfield LIT festival.

 Commissioned by:

Macclesfield Town Council

It inhabited:

LIT Festival, Macclesfield

In Association with:

The Hamilton Project

Photo documentation by:

Tim Cleasby

The Colour Foundry

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